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Tooth Extraction

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheTooth extraction is one of the main treatment options used by dentists if you are in severe tooth pain and other treatment options like a root canal, fillings, or crowns, is no longer an option. The extraction is a procedure that involves simple extraction or surgical tooth extraction. If you have a badly damaged tooth that cannot be repaired then extraction is the treatment option that the dentist will offer. If you experience a dental emergency and the tooth gets damaged and cracks, the dentist will extract it if bonding cannot restore it. Our dental specialists at can also recommend the extraction process if you have dental cavities that are beyond fillings and root canal therapy.

Extraction Types

A simple tooth extraction is done when the tooth is visible. The dentist uses forceps to move it back and forth and pulls it out. The procedure does not cause any damage to the gums and so stitching is not needed. A surgical tooth extraction is done when the tooth is damaged and only a small portion of it is left, sometimes only the root is left, creating pain. The dentist will make an incision in the gums to expose the tooth and then pull it out, or even break it into portions and remove it piece by piece. This will later require the dentist to stitch the area up to seal the extraction area. This procedure uses anesthesia and is not painful. The pain that comes after surgery is managed by painkillers that the dentist will offer.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You might be wondering what a wisdom tooth is. These are molar teeth that appear last. They are commonly known as third molars. They can be problematic which can necessitate their removal. For instance, wisdom teeth can fail to fully emerge underneath the gums. When this happens they can cause various dental issues such as tooth and jaw pain, and swollen and painful gums. This can make you uncomfortable since you will be feeling pain and you might also be unable to chew food properly. For relief, it would be best to remove the problematic wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth in most cases do not have enough space to grow into. They can therefore shift the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth can become impacted and in the process cause oral health problems. This will make it a necessary operation to remove the wisdom tooth.

Extraction is a Surgical Operation

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that usually involves cutting through your gum tissue. The root of the tooth extracted is removed, and this requires precise surgical procedures to ensure that your oral tissues are not harmed. For instance, during wisdom tooth extraction your teeth can be broken into pieces for them to be removed. It is therefore important to find experienced dental professionals who can guarantee a safe operation.

If you require a dental extraction, you can come to Schnierow Dental Care for effective treatment. You can reach us at (424) 383-5005 where you can schedule an appointment or talk to one of our dental experts. You can expect a professional and modern clinic that guarantees patient safety during tooth extraction.
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